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Belvedere people are committed to each other and the achievement of every resident’s personal goals.

Here, some of our team members share what they love about their work at Belvedere.

Analyn Diongco – Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) Coordinator

Tell us about your role at Belvedere

The ACFI Coordinator role is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the residents care planning and assessments for quality and timeliness.

I develop comprehensive care plans for the residents – new residents moving in or review existing care plans for our residents when their needs change.

I audit our care plans for each resident, ensuring that any progress notes are up to date and I manage that we meet every government standard. 

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy being able to help our residents. When a resident first moves in I read all of the care information we receive. This includes their dietary preferences and how we can support their mobility needs.

I also examine the allied health team reports – from the resident’s podiatrist, doctors or physiotherapists. I take into account their medications; what type of medication they are taking and dosages.

I incorporate all of those elements and put it in to one of up to 26 types of care plans for the resident.

How would you describe working at Belvedere?

A home. The staff are friendly, multicultural and approachable and I see them as my second family – you see a lot of smiling faces at Belvedere.

I’ve also been given the opportunity to enhance my career and improve my knowledge as a nurse. Developing a care plan is one of my biggest achievements in my nursing career.

I really enjoy that we celebrate our achievements. There’s always cake for someone’s birthday and genuine thanks when we’ve achieved something as a team.


Kristy Hawthorn – Administration Assistant & Personal Care Assistant

What is your role at Belvedere?

I’m usually the first person people see when they visit Belvedere as I’m the Administration Assistant. My role is to ensure our residents have all they need. I manage the ordering of our supplies and supporting residents especially when they first move in to the home.

How did you get in to aged care?

I started my aged care career as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) at Belvedere after I completed a Certificate IV in Aged Care.

I’d grown up around aged care – my mum was a hairdresser in an aged care home – and I knew that helping older people was something I also wanted to do. Once I’d completed my qualification I called Belvedere as I’d heard good things about the care here.

Tell us about your new role as Administration Assistant

Belvedere is adaptable in terms of being flexible. I’m a single mum of two children and when I started as a PCA I used to work ‘on the floor’ – as we call it – for the afternoon shift.

I took on the new role of Administration Assistant to gain more experience. The hours are 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday which is perfect for me too as I have one child in high school and one in primary school.

I’ve really loved the administration experience, although I do miss being on the floor. I like the one-to -one time with the residents, so not being on the floor is like missing my friends.

We support our residents emotionally from our office roles as well. They may want to talk to someone but not particularly want to talk to a nurse. So they’ll come down to the office for a chat which is great.

What’s next for you at Belvedere?

I am in awe of some of the women I work with. They are confident women, passionate about what they do. There are some fantastic Registered Nurses here and they’ve been my inspiration to get my nursing qualification. There’s one RN in particular that I joke with her saying when I grow up I want to be like you!

I’m looking forward to taking my next step and getting my nursing qualification to become a Division 1 Registered Nurse.


Carmel Drobnik – Clinical Services Manager

What’s a typical day like at Belvedere?

I can honestly say that in my thirty years of aged care experience, there isn’t a typical day – no two days are ever the same!

Each morning I receive the important handover from the Registered Nurse on the night before or weekend duty. We discuss the health and wellbeing of our residents. I follow this up with the first of many walks around our home to chat with our residents and staff.

To support our residents’ needs,   I then collaborate with our personal care assistants, office manager and administration assistant [link to the Q and A profile of Kristy Hawthorn] to plan our work.

It’s important to us that our staff are confident in delivering Belvedere care so we hold regular professional development and training on a range of topics. My afternoons comprise anything from running these sessions to conducting staff appraisals or meeting potential candidates for roles at our home.

What is the most rewarding aspect?

The relationships we form with our residents and their families are without a doubt the most rewarding aspect of life at Belvedere.

It’s a privilege to become part of a resident’s life and I enjoy getting to know them, their life stories and their families. I think we all feel as though they are part of our extended families.

My relationships with them start as they move in. I gather and review all their health information to ensure they will be cared for as they need. It’s also a time when I listen to how else we will support their life with us. It can be the smallest of detail through to how they want to live their life every day.

Why do you love working at Belvedere?

I started my working life as a maternal and child health nurse and continued until I had my children. I was approached to join Belvedere aged care almost 30 years ago as a personal care assistant.

I’ve been part of life here for more than 30 years and have contributed to the changes throughout this time. Working at Belvedere is – and always has been – about constant improvement and I’m proud to be part of that. I’m looking forward to the next!


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