Memorial Day is a significant day on the Belvedere calendar. Each year we celebrate the lives of our dearly departed residents inviting their families and loved ones to join us in an afternoon ceremony. Together we reflect on the lives we so cherished in a ceremony filled with music, poetry and releasing of balloons.



At Belvedere we recognise the importance of supporting our resident’s families and loved ones through times of loss and grief. Each year we offer comfort and support by hosting Memorial Day, a service in memory of our dearly departed residents.  We invite families and loved ones to participate in this ceremony through lighting of candles, poetry reading and hearing comforting words from our Lifestyle Manager and Clinical Services Manager. Both who are highly involved in the clinical care of all our residents and a source of knowledge, trust and expertise for families and loved ones.

During the ceremony the releasing of balloons is an important gesture encouraging inner reflection and closure. We warmly remember a parent, sibling, family member and friend.

As you watch the balloons disappear out of sight, feel the balloons lifting away the problems, the pain and the unwanted emotions.   

Let the old memories be cast into the air.    
A secret message of hope and renewal will be heard by the wind.

Today we let the balloons go with our thoughts and prayers up to the sky, when you release the balloon you can release some of the grief or feelings that are holding back your grief.



Held before the busy festive season, Memorial Day acknowledges that this is a time when grief can present itself as we remember past Christmas moments shared, the fun times and the childhood memories. We hope by hosting Memorial Day prior to the festive season for those dear to our Belvedere family, they may feel supported through their grief.



For those in need of counselling and professional support please speak to our Clinical Services Manager.