2017 Accreditation Announcement 

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency has announced Belvedere’s 2017 Site Audit. The team will assess the quality of care we provide to our care recipients and Care recipients or their representative may meet with a member of the team about their experience and the care received.

On WEDNESDAY, 5TH JULY 2017, An Assessor from the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency will speak to all Residents and Relatives about the Accreditation Process. It will be an interesting and informative session and the opportunity to learn more about what happens during Belvedere’s Accreditation Site Audit.


Quality and Safety in Aged Care

On another note, you may have heard the recent stories in the News regarding quality and safety in our industry. Issues of quality and complaints in our industry are inevitable and if managed appropriately can be an opportunity to learn and continuous improve. The Oakden Facility is not a Residential Aged Care Facility. It is a Specialist Older Persons’ Mental Health Service for people with severe mental illness. The facility combined State Operations with Federal Government funding and this, amongst other things, appears to have contributed to the failures of the operations of this facility. We are pleased to hear that the Minister for Aged Care has called for an independent review into the Aged Care Regulatory Processes.

The recently reported cases are the minority and not representative of the industry’s performance, existing good practices, the passion and professionalism of aged care workers. I strongly believe that Australia’s aged care industry is a high performing and professional sector, supported by a workforce that is passionate about providing quality care for older Australians. Australia has an internationally recognised Aged Care System that is highly regulated and Australia is only one of a few OECD countries that requires all Residential Aged Care Facilities to be formally accredited. Given the scope of an Aged Care Facilities’ operations which include – clinical care, accommodation, hospitality, lifestyle and support services, complaints will be inevitable as in all service industry.

Our facility has a countless number of staff including our Managers, Registered Nurses Direct Care Workers, Team Leaders, Allied Health Providers, GPs and Specialists that team with us to ensure that our residents are provided with the best service. We pride ourselves on our Staff Structure and the education opportunities provided to our staff to ensure Quality Care.

Rachel Noel, Director