Lifestyle programs

Amongst Friends

At Belvedere, every resident is encouraged to find inspiration and contentment. To embrace life in their own way.

Through programs designed for and with residents and family members, there are opportunities for socialising, intellectual stimulation and wellbeing.

Our residents are free to select from a wide range of personal, lifestyle and exercise activities over and above their assessed care needs. Personal choices and preferences are respected and every resident or family members is consulted about the things in life they hold dear and wish to maintain.

Lifestyle programs are continually evolving in the following areas:

  • Physical
  • Mental, visual and sensory
  • Social and emotional
  • Cultural
  • Religious and spiritual
  • Special events
  • Community
  • Outings
  • Performances and concerts
  • Events

We regularly hold events for residents, families and community members to come together and celebrate life.

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