A Guide to Well Being – A Message from Jeromy Tse

Hello to my dear residents and families of Belvedere! I have decided to provide some swift advice on topics which I know will be relevant and of benefit to your health and wellbeing.

To start things off, I shall be totally predicable and present some facts on a topic you might expect as a first topic from a physio: The benefits of strength training!

We often associate strength training with dedicated body builders, grunting and sweating away at the gym for hours working on their physical appearance. However, apart from developing big strong biceps and a six pack abdomen there are other reasons why we should all participate in strength training.

These reasons may be more relevant to those who are getting older anyway!

  1. Increase bone strength – Strength training stresses on your bones leading to increased bone density and reduce the risk or progression of osteoporosis (‘brittle bones’).
  2. Weight control – Strength training helps increase the amount of lean muscle in your body. Lean muscle constantly burns energy and we call this raising your basal metabolic rate. It basically means you burn more calories even at rest.
  3. Improve brain power – Some studies have suggested that strength training can help improve your memory and focus, particularly in older adults.
  4. Manage chronic disease – Strength training can help alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases including back an shoulder pain, osteoarthritis, heart failure and diabetes type II.
  5. Improve stamina – Strength training can help you do more physical activities in your daily living feeling less tired and inefficient.
  6. Boost your self-esteem – Strength training has been shown in studies to boost your self-confidence by releasing ‘feelgood’ hormones into your body. Yes, it is not just in your mind, it’s an actual effect within your bloodstream!
  7. Improve posture – Strength training can help you move while performing your daily activities in a more relaxed and efficient manner

And when we talk about strength training, while it should be at a degree of difficulty, it’s not necessarily about lifting massive weights and pushing so hard that steam comes out of your ears! We have light and appropriate weights here at Belvedere so for those who are interested, consult with me and I will show you how.

– Jeromy

Jeromy Tse

Jeromy is a passionate Physiotherapist who understands the importance of quality care for the elderly. Having practiced as a therapist for 10 years with experience in both the private and community sectors, he has spent the last 5 years dedicated to Aged Care. On top of being a Physiotherapist, he is also a proud father of two young children, Trinity, who is 3 and Dominic, 10 months old.

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