Session 3: Belvedere & Alzheimer’s Australia Projects Development

Belvedere Aged Care & Alzheimer’s Australia – Session 3

Workshop 3 covered the focus on the future, the destination for Belvedere. The leadership group showed great excitement with the result of implementing some of the changes we had discussed in the second workshop. The acknowledgment that we can change, and we can make such a difference in the lives of people living with dementia, was wonderful to see. There was a light bulb moment when the team saw that your projects will happen. It was a very uplifting session!

The session looked at the experience of participating in change and the positives and negatives with this. The team was very clear on what was working, such as: inclusiveness of all staff, meeting the needs of the People Living With Dementia, having a voice. Improvements in current systems such as staff may have been working in one area too long, the training of staff, all staff engagement with the resident, and true Person Centred Care (PCC).  The team looked at what they could do for improvement and to begin the journey for the future such as: meeting with all staff and communicating , having some ground rules, the PCC training to be embedded into all staff, having a mentor with new staff, as well as looking at what engagement is, and how to incorporate that within your everyday practice.

Scarf Model.

This model was introduced for the leadership team to reflect on them personally, and how to understand threat, verses safety within our own demeanour. We then can use this exercise within Belvedere and the staff.

The 4 identified projects were discussed to see where they currently are

  1. Physical environment
  2. Purposeful roles for the residents
  3. Family involvement
  4. Staff training and orientation

Some of the group’s overlap and members are in a couple of the projects. This will work well, as it will encourage teamwork and a holistic approach.

The groups worked within their teams to begin looking at the BEET tool. This exercise helps to prepare you to understand why you are looking at change, and what the benefits are for all involved. This exercise really helps with talking it through with family members, and other important people who work within your workplace. This exercise will need to be completed prior to our next workshop. It was agreed the teams will work together on this in their own time.

Where to from here:

Begin documenting your ideas for your projects, look at pre and post and how you will document this. We discussed taking photos, a video about what is happening now, so you will be able to see a change. Communication with all staff and families about what you are doing is imperative. Effective communication about change will help the inclusiveness to be there. This will need to be ongoing. Meeting in your groups weekly is highly recommended at this stage… Next workshop we will be looking at the tools to working in effective teams, on leadership.

Workshop 4 will be on Wednesday 20th May

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