Celebrating 62 Years of Marriage! Congratulations Vincenzo and Marialuisa

Marialuisa and Vincenzo met in Switzerland in the late 50’s – mum would tell me about the first time she saw him……my dad lived in an apartment block where my grandmother lived and one day whilst walking up the stairs my mum caught eye of this young man coming down the stairs. She looked at him and thought to herself – oh what a good-looking young man! The rest is history! They got together, married, and had 2 children.

My brother Don was born in Switzerland, and I was born in South Africa. My dad loved to travel and moved many times throughout his life, taking his family with him. So first he traveled to Switzerland, then South Africa, then back to Italy and finally migrated to Australia in 1971 where we all remained till this day.

My dad was a first-class welder and he traveled to find work in this field where it was very difficult to find in Italy in those days. After arriving in Australia, he decided that this job was not agreeing with him as it posed physical problems and it meant he had to stay away from his family having to work in Queensland when we were all stationed in Victoria. He met a friend in the pizza business and decided that this was going to be his new job. He remained in this industry right up until he retired. He makes a mean Capriccioso pizza! I would always wake up on a Friday morning at 2am, knowing that dad would bring home a pizza, it was never too early to have pizza! This is such a pleasant, memory for me and my brother.

My mum was an exceptional seamstress, left home early in life to pursue her career in dressmaking. She wound up in Switzerland where she learnt her skill and became very skillful in this craft. My mother would find work anywhere she went as good seamstresses were extremely hard to find and she was one of the best. Still is. At age 86, she still sews and loves it! I was incredibly lucky as a child to have my mum able to sew any dress, a garment I wanted, especially as a teenager. She also instilled in me the love of fashion/dressmaking, so much so that I too studied fashion and got a diploma in Fashion Design. A skill that I still use to this day.

They have been together for more than 62 years, and yes as all marriages go, they weathered ups and downs, but managed to keep it together with love and consideration for each other; they raised 2 children that love them dearly and we all look after each other.

As told by Connie, daughter of Marialuisa and Vincenzo. Thank you Connie for sharing your family story.

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