At Belvedere, it’s important for us to always acknowledge and celebrate the rich, cultural diversity amongst our residents and staff. Sharing stories of life in Australia and abroad offers all of us the opportunity to learn and pay our respect to those who have paved the way for our multicultural society. 

Belvedere has a strong desire to, wherever possible, support and promote our culturally diverse workforce and residents. For our residents, we do this through our culturally appropriate lifestyle programs that encourage everyone to be proud of their heritage. 

We enjoy sharing and connecting over our love of food and discovering new food experiences, whether at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 where residents could not enjoy external dining experiences and requested Chef Raj to prepare food incursions of their choosing; hosting our Italian Republica festivities every June and weekly sensory activities that allow each resident to take part in cooking and showcasing their favourite recipes.

Sharing food in many cultures is a sign of welcome, respect and community. For our residents, food speaks to culture, memory and identity. At Belvedere we hold strong values to always ensure and encourage our residents to continue to do the things they love.

Belvedere resident making pizza

Food brings joy and now more than ever, we encourage our residents to come together to taste delicious, traditional foods from all corners of the world and celebrate our diversity through food.

Belvedere resident baking German cake
residents celebrating cultural diversity

We also express our thanks to our Lifestyle Team: Karin and Mylin and Chef Raj who always assist our residents by sourcing ingredients that allow them to prepare their favourite dishes with quality, fresh ingredients. 

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