Celebrating our Aged Care Heroes – Carmel Drobnik, Director of Nursing

Over the last few weeks, we recognized and thanked our clinical and non-clinical staff at Belvedere for their efforts and commitment to keeping our residents and community safe in this time of Covid-19.

Our staff are working tirelessly to ensure a COVID-free aged care residence. With strong, decisive action and compassion and commitment to caring for vulnerable older Australians, we are proud to have Carmel Drobnik as our Director of Nursing.


Carmel’s 35+years of service with Belvedere Aged Care demonstrates her commitment and service to uphold our strong values and the care of older Australians. Her words and actions are powerful in providing guidance, reassurance and safety to our residents and their loved ones. Carmel’s priority is always to ensure the dignity and respect of each resident – through quality care delivery, the building of community and connectedness for residents and celebrating each resident’s individual and cultural needs.

As an aged care leader, Carmel is inspiring to our clinical and non-clinical staff who form part of our culturally diverse and female-dominant workforce. Many have learnt from her wisdom and guidance. With Carmel’s mentoring, we are proud that our female staff have gained confidence in themselves to grow and aspire to leadership roles at Belvedere and beyond.


Belvedere is so proud of Carmel, her thankless nature and devotion to her vocation. On behalf of the team, residents and the wider Belvedere community we say thank you for caring, Carmel Drobnik. And, as Carmel marked a birthday occasion last week, we sincerely wish her a Happy Birthday!



*all images taken with permission
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