COVID-19 Staff Testing Criteria Updated

March 27 2020


The Department of Health has informed the aged care sector that the coronavirus testing criteria has been expanded to include aged and residential care workers with fever or acute respiratory infection.


The guidelines put in place nationally state, aged or residential care workers who have a fever higher than 38 or a history of fever (night sweats or chills) OR acute respiratory infection (cough, shortness of breath or sore throat) must be tested.


Belvedere staff who may be experiencing any of these symptoms must advise the Director of Nursing immediately, stay home, and contact your GP to locate your closest testing facility, which will be advised by your GP. Staff must remain away from work until your test results are back.


Belvedere receives daily updates from the Department of Health, World Health Organisation and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner. We will continue to update staff via email, text and memo’s in the facility of information and resources we receive from these sources.


In addition, all staff must be vaccinated prior to 1 May 2020. Any staff member or visitor who refuses to receive a Flu Vaccination will not be permitted entry to the building.


Thank you for your ongoing support and vigilance in keeping our workplace safe and well.


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