Belvedere Aged Care COVID-19 Cluster

Belvedere Aged Care is the site of a recent COVID-19 cluster with 16 residents and 3 staff having tested positive to date. All infected residents are fully vaccinated and stable, and the 3 staff members, also fully vaccinated, are in home quarantine. One of these residents is in hospital, and all other residents are isolating in their rooms. The COVID-19 cluster is contained to one wing of our facility.

The cluster emerged as the result of a regular visitor attending Belvedere Aged Care while infectious with the Delta variant of COVID-19, on Tuesday 5 October. The visitor complied with testing requirements, providing a negative test result received within 48 hours prior to their arrival. However, the visitor subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 and, on 7 October, notified facility management.  

Belvedere immediately moved to enact the Outbreak Management Plan, notifying the Public Health Team.

“Our systems and procedures are operating in accordance with all regulatory requirements and our own high standards of care.” Carmel Drobnik, Director Of Nursing.

Staff cohorts work in designated wings to minimise risk of transmission and the facility remains under restricted access. Strong infection controls are in place and a deep clean of the facility has been conducted. We maintain daily communication with resident families, and are providing clinical updates via phone calls to each resident’s nominated next-of-kin.

“It is extremely unfortunate that, despite the rigorous controls we have in place, the Delta strain of COVID-19 has entered our facility.”

“Our first responsibility is to our residents and their loved ones. We are working hard to ensure lines of communication remain open and our actions are transparent.”

All residents who have opted to be vaccinated have received both doses; three of our residents exercised their choice to remain unvaccinated. Those residents reside in an unaffected wing. Consistent with the current government vaccination mandate for aged care workers, all Belvedere staff are vaccinated.

Belvedere continues to act on advice from the Department of Health and medical authorities.

About Belvedere Aged Care.

Belvedere Aged Care is a 60-bed residential aged care facility that has operated in the community of South-East Melbourne for over 20 years. This is the only incidence of COVID-19 to have been experienced by the facility. For more information, visit

Contact: Daniele Noel,, 03 9574 1355


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