Easter Celebrations at Belvedere

Easter Celebrations at Belvedere Aged Care

The most important celebration in the Christian calendar, Belvedere Aged Care ensures that Residents are supported to take part in the Celebrations they choose and ensures that Residents’ cultural, spiritual and religious needs are met.

On Holy Thursday, The Ecumenical Service was conducted. Residents were invited to join together i for prayers and reflection. Crosses were made from Palm leaves were given to each resident. Hot Cross Buns were prepared by our talented Chef Raj and served for the Afternoon Tea.

Good Friday is a day of solemn reverence. Noise levels are kept down and residents are provided with space and privacy to pray and reflect.

On Easter Saturday, Resident’s reminisced on the good, old days and the way Easter was celebrated. On Easter Sunday, Residents enjoyed quality time with their relatives. Our Chef, prepared a special menu and not to forget the Easter Eggs treats!

As always, extra-special arrangements of fresh flowers were delivered to mark this very important date.

Cultural & Spiritual needs vary from person to person and these needs remain a personal part of our life. People build their lives on cultural, spiritual and religious values. Belvedere Aged care recognises and fosters individual cultural, religious and spiritual needs. Our residents are supported to maintain their cultural identity and their usual cultural, spiritual and religious practices.


  • It encourages emotional expression as an essential form of communication.
  • Assist in appropriate expression of feelings which otherwise remain suppressed.
  • Provides enjoyment, happiness and stimulation of the mind.
  • It prevents spiritual distress.
  • An opportunity to fulfil religious needs and values.
  • It provides strength, hope and meaning to life.


If you would like to find out more about Lifestyle, Cultural and Spiritual events, contact us!




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