Happy St Patricks Day!

This week we celebrated St Patrick’s Day on Wednesday 17 March. For our Irish residents and members of the wider community, this day is a significant cultural day to celebrate the anniversary of Ireland’s patron saint’s death.

With St Patrick’s Day known to be a day full of merrymaking with Guinness the staple celebratory drink, we continued this tradition with a High Tea afternoon full of traditional songs, limericks, Irish trivia and stories including sharing the history of St Patrick.

For our Irish born resident Seamus, this day is full of cultural pride and the smiles say it all!

At Belvedere, we’re lucky to care for a culturally diverse group of residents. Our residents offer cultural, religious and traditional practices to observe and celebrate. We are privileged to plan and host events to ensure they are memorable, full of meaning and offer an opportunity for residents to connect and share with each other who they are and what they most hold dear. This helps to encourage new friendships and connections to form.

As we recognise various cultural and religious traditions, our residence offers a lifestyle calendar full of events making Belvedere a fun and joyous place to be.

To find out more about our lifestyle programs and how we support each resident’s cultural and spiritual beliefs, visit our website or contact us.

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