Lifestyle News at Belvedere Aged Care (Autumn 2020 edition)

Belvedere’s Leisure and Lifestyle programs are developed and reviewed in consultation with our residents and their families. It evolves as interests and abilities of our residents change. We place a strong focus on celebrating culture, music, significant milestones for those who call Belvedere home. Reducing COVID-19 risk at Belvedere changes how we create events now, but, it does not change the principle of us celebrating life.

Birthdays and Anniversaries at Belvedere

Early in January, our resident Sebastian hosted his birthday party. This event was planned almost four weeks ahead by Sebastian, family and staff and much talked about afterwards.

We have also celebrated Maureen’s 80th birthday in February (pictured below) and in March, both Brigida and Lucio celebrate their 90th birthdays.



February was the 75th Wedding Anniversary Maria and John Miksad. Letters from the Queen, The Commonwealth Governor, Premier Daniel Andrews and the Mayor of Greater Dandenong were read along with Belvedere staff and residents well-wishes, prayers, speeches by the family’s son Andrew Miksad and the couple’s grandson John Jr.



Culture and Community

Our war veterans welcomed Jim Muir and Valerie from the Noble Park RSL, whom Belvedere has a strong relationship with. This time shared allows reminiscing and reflection for those residents who have served.



We celebrated Australian Day with Thong Throwing Games and BBQ, Chinese New Year with Chinese Lunch and a traditional Lion Dance and Valentine’s day with a lovely afternoon tea and love songs performed by entertainer Claire Dubery.

We have many relationships with the local and broader community, Dandenong Library, the National Gallery of Victoria, a variety of Churches, all, who provide important links to community and culture that is vitally important to the wellbeing and connectedness for our residents at Belvedere

Many of our Belvedere residents have broad interests and talents, Pizza Chefs, Dressmakers, Gardeners, Writers, to name a few. All these talents are validated during our daily routine and incorporated into life at Belvedere. Our resident Lucio’s Pizza recipe features on Belvedere’s Menu and is much loved. Helga is a keen gardener and has cultivated a herb and vegetable patch in one of the raised garden beds used by our Chefs.



Looking forward

Our Lifestyle program this autumn is as colourful as the autumn leaves. Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we cannot go on our usual outings. Instead, entertainment will be done in-house. We have activities planned for Ash Wednesday, International Womens Day, St Patricks Day, Harmony Day, Greek Independence Day, Easter, and ANZAC Day. For specific dates please refer to my lifestyle emails which have the attachment of the Monthly Lifestyle planner.

As we monitor updated information from the Department of Health on the COVID-19 restrictions, I  encourage our residents to speak to their families via internet sources, engage in light exercise or have coffee afternoons in the courtyard for some sunshine. We have Sing-Alongs daily and continue to celebrate cultural days, birthdays and look after the spiritual needs within our inner Belvedere community during these challenging times.

As raised in the recent Residents and Relative Meeting, we will be encouraging residents, with the help of staff, to sort summer clothes to the upper level of the wardrobes and get the autumn/ winter clothes ready for wear.

If you have any questions or concerned please don’t hesitate to call or contact me.

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With Love,

Karin Blavo

Lifestyle Manager

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