Lifting Lockdown Spirits with our Lifestyle Team

As Victoria’s lockdown extends until the 2nd of September we acknowledge the ongoing challenges the extension places on all our staff, residents and their loved ones. It remains our priority to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of our residents and staff are tended to with the utmost compassion and care. 

Karin and Milyn – our Lifestyle Team, has planned their programs to support every resident across yet another lockdown. With such kindness and empathy and knowing how lockdowns can impact the emotional needs of our residents, their programs offer many creative opportunities to come together and bond through arts, music, conversations and food.

In the last fortnight, the Lifestyle Team has hosted a Vinyl Record Day with residents listening to favourite music across all eras. Dancing, singing and sharing memories through a shared love of music can make a positive difference to our emotional wellbeing. A big thanks to Karin for bringing in such a diverse record collection! 

Conversation In Isolation

Our student volunteers continue their ‘Conversation In Isolation‘ program with participating residents. Connecting over phone or zoom calls this Monash University medical student initiative has been enjoyable for residents and students for many months now.

Conversations on shared interests, family, study topics are always bringing back memories and the sharing of advice from our elders is always welcomed. We thank all ‘Conversation in Isolation’ volunteers for the positivity they bring and much needed opportunities for intergenerational connections at this time. 

Of course, our mutual love of all things food has delivered yet another successful cooking class with Lucio this week.  This time how to make the perfect risotto. Lucio shares his secret – shredded zucchini stirred in with the rice. After a taste test, Karin confirms she’ll now be adding this to her risottos too. 

Welcome Milyn, Lifestyle Assistant to our Lifestyle Team

Milyn Kovacevic, our Lifestyle Assistant will be running additional lifestyle programs, working closely to support Karin and deliver activities to all residents.

We know the value of increasing resident engagement and interactions during periods of lockdown has positive effects on emotional and physical wellbeing. We seek to provide as much support and encouragement to our residents with stimulating activities and social connections. 

Milyn’s musical talents often fill our home with a chorus of voices during sing-a-long and it’s a pleasure to have her as part of the Lifestyle Team. 

Milyn has worked with our residents since 2013 when she worked as the laundress. In 2018 completing her Cert IV in Ageing Support she joined the Belvedere team as a PCA. Having worked extremely hard to further her studies and complete her Diploma in Lifestyle in 2019, it’s been great to see her transition to into the Lifestyle Assistant role.

Milyn will no doubt add to our lifestyle program, bringing laughter and joy to our residents and team.  

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