Session 7: Alzheimers’ Australia and Belvedere Aged Care Project

Workshop 7 looked at sustaining practice and the future direction for Belvedere. This was the last workshop prior to you presenting your projects on the 30th of September

The group worked on a collage of their journey so far….looking at how far they have come within their practice. The affirmation about challenges, the steep learning curve, and the road ahead was all discussed. The brainstorming session showed that there are many ways forward to continue to implement Person Centered Care.

We then looked at how to sustain change and continue to move forward. Certain attributes were discussed such as: creating and selling the vision within your community of care, implementing the vision-what measure have you put in place to ensure this vision is embedded-how do you encourage a commitment from all stakeholders within Belvedere and looking into the environment. This includes the physical environment-what needs to be modified to work towards the strengths of residents, the social environment, how can we offer continual social engagement, and the emotional environment-how does an individual feel valued and maintain their autonomy.

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