Spirituality in Aged Care

Spirituality in Aged Care

The National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care provides a definition that resonates strongly with Belvedere Aged Care’s philosophy and core values relating to spirituality in aged care.


Spirituality is universal, deeply personal and individual. It goes beyond formal notions of ritual or religious practice to encompass the unique capacity of each individual. It is at the core and essence of who we are, that spark which permeates the entire fabric of the person and demands that we are all worthy of dignity and respect. It transcends intellectual capability, elevating the status of all of humanity to that of the sacred.


At Belvedere Aged Care, we recognize values that foster individual interests, customs and beliefs of our residents. We acknowledge that cultural and spiritual needs vary from person to person. This remains a personal and integral part of quality of life. As care givers, it is our responsibility to identify the spiritual needs of our residents and offer spiritual care that is respectful and appropriate.

Belvedere Aged Care’s approach to spirituality in aged care

Spirituality is embedded into Belvedere Aged Care’s philosophical structure, our processes and strategies. Our residents and staff reflect the multicultural society in which we live. Belvedere’s leadership team ensures staff across the organization are recruited according to a strong demonstration of empathy, genuine care and warmth. Great importance is placed on welcoming our residents and their family to Belvedere Aged Care. Upon admission, the immediate establishment of communication with new resident and their families allows us to develop trusting and genuine, respectful relationships. This involves staff at all levels – management, senior staff, care staff, allied heath professionals, catering and facilities staff. Consistency of staff promotes connectedness bringing reassurance to residents and their families.


At Belvedere Aged Care, resident’s spiritual choices are preserved through a holistic care plan that incorporates individualised lifestyle programs. Each lifestyle program is constantly reviewed and evaluated to encourage and support our residents to achieve purpose and connectedness as they experience change, grief and loss. We extend our pastoral care to resident families and loved ones with our offering of spouse and family support groups. This group encourages a sense of community for families facing challenging and emotional times.

The offering of space, both private and communal is integral in enabling spiritual expression. Belvedere offers 3 gardens for our residents and their families as a place for meditation, celebration and contemplation. Our visitor-friendly environment welcomes community members, volunteers and all faith groups to be celebrated.


Please contact me for further information about Belvedere’s approach to spirituality and alignment with the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care.

-Carmel Drobnik

Director of Nursing

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