Staff Development – A focus at Belvedere Aged Care

Belvedere Aged Care’s Staff Development

Contemporary health care environments are increasingly challenged by issues associated with the recruitment and retention of qualified nursing staff. This challenge is particularly felt by residential aged care providers who at the same time, are facing tightening regulations, funding challenges and an increasing demand for high quality care. Despite the volatility, Belvedere Aged Care maintains a stable workforce with over 40% of our staff receiving long service leave entitlements.

Belvedere Aged Care’s aim

Belvedere Aged Care will continue to be at the industrial forefront with our staffing levels and skills mix, which

  • meet duty of care requirements
  • achieve optimal health and quality of life outcomes for residents
  • provide a safe and healthy employment environment for staff
  • provide flexibility at the local level to be able to respond in a timely manner to changes in the care needs or the way in which care is delivered and
  • contribute to the long term viability of aged care services                                                                                                 

Belvedere Aged Care encourages workforce development 

Our well planned workforce development is designed for all ages and skill levels. Over the years, our effort in maximizing education pathways has resulted in promoting career transitions and opportunities in education and training of care assistance, enrolled nurses, lifestyle assistants and Registered Nurses.

Belvedere Aged Care empowers staff

Identifying members of the nursing and care team, their roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and decision-making authority is an important element in our work environment. We embrace the positive culture of staff empowerment and performance recognition. Despite seeing themselves as part of the team, staff showed a degree of pride and satisfaction at having their experience, motivation and skills recognized and expressed a sense of ownership and engagement with their responsibilities, their work unit and people in it.

Belvedere Aged Care promotes and up skills team leaders

Team leaders are PCAs with some supervisory and delegation responsibilities, who assist the RNs in the overall supervision of a work unit/team. They play a role in the orientation of new staff, support new and existing staff in their everyday work, perform some advanced clinical tasks. Their impact is particularly felt by the RNs who identify having extra eyes and ears on the floor and enhanced reporting as vital to the quality of care delivered. This has allowed the RNs to step back from everyday tasks and focus on the big picture.



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