The Things You Love: Gardening

As the winter months approach, at Belvedere it has been an opportunity for our residents to spend time tending to our common garden. Offering our residents a tranquil and soothing activity, our gardening activities allow our residents to partake in positive activities aimed at mental stimulation, reducing stress and social engagement.

Positive Ageing is a key focus at Belvedere and, our offering of diverse activities including gardening demonstrates our care and lifestyle values of providing choices that evoke physical and mental wellbeing amongst moments of simple pleasure. Led by our Lifestyle Team, connecting with nature and community remains a priority across our Lifestyle calendar.

Research1 further highlight the effects of leisure gardening on reminiscence. Memories are evoked by smells and activities returning to childhood or periods of their lives that bring joy. Learning remains a constant opportunity for cognitive engagement as the shared wisdom of our residents offers the opportunity to engage cross-culturally amongst enthused gardeners.

The benefits are moments of connectedness and a Belvedere community that is laced with harmony and friendships.

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  1. Scott TL, Masser BM, Pachana NA. Positive aging benefits of home and community gardening activities: Older adults report enhanced self-esteem, productive endeavours, social engagement and exercise. SAGE Open Med. 2020;8:2050312120901732. Published 2020 Jan 22. ↩︎
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