A message of thanks to our Belvedere Community

To our Belvedere community,


We thank you for the strong support you have given us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been well over 3 months since this pandemic was announced and we are proud of our quick actions to enact a period of restricted access to protect our vulnerable residents. This was a team effort, largely due to the encouragement received by residents, their loved ones and our passionate team who took all necessary personal precautions and implemented infection control protocols to protect themselves and our residents.

We remain in a period of restricted access and feel encouraged, thanks to the feedback received from our family communication survey, emails and comments to continue this until we feel the virus is eradicated from the community. COVID-19 has changed our world, yet we feel a greater sense of community with you all having worked so hard to communicate all our updates and changes and listening to our resident and family’s needs also.

We continue our commitment to our community by remaining vigilant and ensuring our infection control and hygiene standards remain of the highest standard.

At the core of all we do is the dignity and respect of our residents and we are humbled to received messages of gratitude from our community:


Thanks again for our non-contact visit. Keep up the good work of keeping our loved ones safe and happy. You are amazing and so thoughtful for the family members.


Absolutely amazing to see my dad. He looks so well which is a testament to how well you all look after him. Thank you to each and every one of you for keeping dad safe and allowing us to see and talk to him. We feel so much better seeing him. Thank you! 


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our mum and for giving us the opportunity to visit with her. God Bless. 


Lovely memories of a very strange time indeed!


Thank you to all the team at Belvedere for caring so beautifully for my Nonna. It is such a happy place. 



Lifestyle at Belvedere

Throughout our period of restricted access, we have made temporary changes to our lifestyle calendar of activities. Our weekly guest entertainers have been temporarily rescheduled, but this also opened up new, innovative ways to socialise online. We thank our volunteers who continued spiritual and community connections using online modes of communications.

We are so grateful to our PCAs and Lifestyle team for the delivery of extra programs and activities that ensured our residents’ continued wellbeing and connection to each other and their loved ones.

All families are provided opportunities for non-contact visits, various modes of communication with their loved ones to maintain these invaluable relationships. We have listened to all feedback, offering greater comforts with our non-contact set-up and keeping all families updated via weekly email communications – something we are proud to continue.



Our Lifestyle Manager, Karin Blavo has seen interactions amongst our residents increase. Encouraging their sense of independence, Karin and her team have been active in providing additional social opportunities. This has resulted in the formation of new friendships and connections that has made a strong impact on the psychological and emotional wellbeing of our residents at this fraught time.



We thank our exceptionally talented Chef Raj and his food services team for the nutritious and tasty food incursions and continued with celebrations of birthdays, milestones and multicultural events such as the recent Italian Republica event.

Nutrition and quality food is something we are passionate about at Belvedere and are grateful for the hard work of Chef Raj and his team in delivering fresh, healthy meals now and always.



Finally, we say a big thank you to our cleaning team who keep our environment clean and well maintained for all staff and residents. Their services have been imperative to the comfort and safety felt by us all.


Belvedere Aged care



With Love,


Carmel Drobnik

Director of Nursing




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