Festive wishes to the Belvedere Community

Shaping the Belvedere Community –

I wish to recognize the hard work, expertise and dedication of all individuals and teams who have helped shape and reinforce the Belvedere community and the success it is today. Belvedere Aged Care would not function without the skills, dedication and expertise of our care staff, Allied Health professional consultants and external contractors. Achieving the highest standard of care is done through the commitment of all who are part of the Belvedere community. The end of a busy year is a great opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful work and support you have given to Belvedere Aged Care.

Belvedere nursing staff

The dedicated team of PCAs, RNs and ENs have shown commitment and upheld the values of Belvedere Aged Care through their knowledge, skills, compassion and empathetic approach towards our residents. Our PCA, RN and EN team include staff who have worked at Belvedere Aged Care for over 15 years. Their knowledge is invaluable to the Belvedere community including newer members of the team. It is rewarding to see our staff develop leadership, commitment and confidence in their roles.


Belvedere Aged Care


Midnight express — cleaning, laundry & maintenance team

Belvedere Aged Care is proud to maintain the highest level of cleanliness throughout the building; it’s outside gardens and exterior façade. It’s the first thing noticed by many visitors to our facility. We have a long held relationship with Midnight Express and their high standards of service compliment our core values. Midnight express staffing has been consistent, from their laundry staff to the maintenance team, they have been responsive to our needs and bring an attention to detail that surpasses expectation.

United hospitality

The menu variety and presentation of food have not gone unnoticed at Belvedere Aged Care. Since becoming part of the Belvedere community 3 years ago, Chef Raj has received positive feedback from satisfied residents and families. Chef Raf and his team have provided food complimenting the dietary needs and preferences of all our residents. Balancing competing demands and maintain the highest standard of preparation, cleanliness and service, Chef Raj has always demonstrated flexibility, pride in his work and humility. The kitchen team under Chef Raj’s leadership is consistent and I see first-hand the importance of this in their approach of knowing and understanding our facility and accommodating the changing needs of our residents.


Chej Raj’s famous biscuits served at Belvedere Aged Care

Jeromy Tse – Physiotherapy

Jeromy has been invaluable in developing Belvedere’s physiotherapy program Balance to Live and our walking programs focused on strength building and the physical wellbeing of our residents. His encouraging approach helps our residents to be active, develop confidence and engage with one another. Jeromy is always ahead of the latest research and development and has supported resident families in how to observe and understanding the physical support needs of their loved ones. As a highly knowledgeable and trusted source of information for our staff, residents and families, I look forward to the ongoing success of our physio activities and programs in the new year.

Our team of medical practitioners

Dr Martin Robb, Dr. Richard Westin, Dr. John Fermoso and Dr. Gary Silver, thank you for the medical care you provide to our residents. Working with a dedicated team of medical practitioners has ensured the highest quality of care for our residents. The Belvedere  Aged Care staff are supported and encouraged by your consistent, experienced and authorative medical advice. Working together as part of the Belvedere community to ensure the medical care of our residents after so many years has resulted in a trusting relationship that we all highly value.

Yvonne Coleman — Dietician & Nutritionist

Yvonne’s knowledge and expertise of the dietary needs of elderly persons has been invaluable to Belvedere. Yvonne has presented to our residents, their families and our staff advice on how to manage diet and ensure nutritional content be an essential part of our daily provision of care. I look forward to working closer with Yvonne in the future and continuing the high-level of dietary and nutritional care of all our residents.

Karin Henkis — Speech Pathologists

Karin has always been available to support our resident demonstrating a personal and empathetic approach to their care needs . Karen is highly regarded amongst the Belvedere team for the expertise she provides and has helped our nursing staff to monitor and provide the highest care. Thank you Karen for your wonderful efforts this year. I look forward to our ongoing working collaboration in the new year.

Jacob Topy — Psychologist

The introduction of our spouse and family of our residents living with Dementia support group would not have been possible without the great efforts of our resident psychologist Jacob Topy. Our support groups have been highly beneficial for resident families and loved ones to know that they are not alone in facing what can be a difficult and challenging time as their loved ones live with Dementia. Jacob has facilitated the support group with compassion, understanding and great empathy. His clinical expertise has provided ease and reassurance to many in the group. I look forward to seeing the support group network grow across the new year with Jacob at the helm.



Belvedere Aged Care


Dimple Podiatry

The staff at Dimple Podiatry have a strong knowledge and understanding of working with the elderly. Their respectful and empathetic approach to our resident care needs demonstrate the love and enjoyment of their work. Dimples staff always deliver their services with a smile and willingness to get to know our residents which is important in supporting the physical and emotional wellbeing of our residents.

Cleeland Pharmacy & Robert Disipio

To our great team of Pharmacists, we thank you for the important work you do in ensuring the pharmaceutical needs of our residents. Always available to provide your knowledge and advice, I recognize the long and outstanding commitment you have shown to Belvedere.

Leigh Welling

Our consultant, educator and ACFI trainer has supported Belvedere Aged Care staff on all levels of audit and ACFI matters. Always available and a wealth of knowledge, Leigh’s dedication and insight into ACFI has been invaluable to us. Leigh has assisted us to align and implement ACFI policy and auditory requirements as per Aged Care Standards.

Sooth Mobile Massage

Soothe Mobile Massage (SMM) therapists are dedicated, professional and caring as they go about their work. Regular tactile therapy is an important part of resident wellbeing and provides an excellent opportunity for social interaction through quality one on one time. Thank you for your wonderful staff and ongoing care.

David Booth

Our painter David works tirelessly to refresh our rooms ready for new residents and their families. David is flexible, hard working and has an attention to detail that surpasses expectation. Mirroring our Belvedere values, David completes each task with such pride. We are truly grateful that David is part of our team.

Marie — Hairdresser

Thank you Marie for making our residents feel and look great. It’s always important to ensure the emotional and social wellbeing of our residents. Marie helps to achieve this with her respectful approach and warmth towards our residents.

Elisha Care — Gardening Maintenance

Our gardening team – Elisha Care provide a dedicated team who transform the Belvedere gardens into peaceful outdoor havens. Belvedere Aged Care values the important work Elisha Care do to provide work opportunities for disadvantaged members of the community.

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