Celebrating our Aged Care Heroes- Karin Blavo Lifestyle Manager

In our 3rd instalment of recognising our aged care heroes, we say a big thank you to our Lifestyle Manager Karin Blavo for her contributions to the Belvedere team.

Belvedere Aged Care


Karin has worked tirelessly since the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic to reschedule and reprogram Belvedere’s lifestyle activities and ensure the application of social distancing measures for the safety of our residents. All regular events and activities were quickly revised and moved in-house to ensure the continuation of our vital programs. Entertainers now sing via Zoom, spiritual groups meet online and the team and residents have adapted to new technologies to connect with families and communities.


Belvedere Aged Care


It is comforting to see our residents engage and interact with their families and loved ones throughout this period of COVID-19 restrictions. Karin continues to be a great source of support in relaying phone, email, video communications between residents and families. Thanks to Karin’s support, our Belvedere community has a source of comfort in knowing residents are safe, engaged and free to do the things they love.


Thanks to Karin’s leadership, our residents continue their community participation such as our spiritual programs with volunteers using video-conferencing. In-house celebrations of key milestones, cultural events and creative activities allow Karin to continue invaluable social relationships to grow between residents. At the core of Karin’s work is ensuring our residents’ spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Engaging residents to what they most enjoy saw many talking, singing, exploring cultural menus and forming stronger bonds between them.

As we adapt to the new normal, we again thank our essential team who are so committed to ensuring the physical safety and emotional wellbeing of our residents.

Belvedere Aged Care





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